The Woods
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The Most Authentic Paintball in Cornwall.

Scenario Paintball

You can expect flares, thunder-flashes, smoke grenades and scenario paintball games which are intense and action packed. The missions are based on military objectives where tactics and team work prevail. I won´t give the game away here but needless to say no two visits to Action Paintball will be the same and you´ll never be short of action during your time with us !


A day at Action Paintball

All day or morning sessions start around 1030 and afternoon sessions no later than 1300 in the winter or 1500 in the Summer.

Players sign in, combat clothing and a mask is issued in our indoor changing area.

We take a short walk to the woods where a safety briefing is given. After a quick weapons check and game briefing we jump straight into your first game.

Between games we take a short break in our sheltered safe area, time to get a drink or quick snack. How many games we play is entirely up to you, most players will use about 100 shots per 20 minute game and we will keep the games coming as long as you wish.

You can also have a special game for stags or a duel off for any willing participants.